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Imag1 HunterPro is your technological partner. We're one step ahead in hardware development and integration, being exclusively a GPS research and development company and manufacturers of covert vehicle tracking and car tracking systems, GSM/GPRS, SMS or AMPS based, for AVL, fleet tracking and truck tracking. Low-cost GPS tracking system, vehicle tracking and car tracking systems with an easy protocol for AVL GPS tracking and user friendly software. Products based in GSM GPRS and GPS for accurate and fastest location, minimum cost, wide coverage and the best covert performance, ideal for fleet tracking or recovery. View intro.
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Its battery autonomy greatest one, with an standability of up to 11 days. This variant from the hp-tracker makes it perfect for boxes tracking, briefcases, and general cargo worryless about the battery standability.
GPS Device, GSM module: quadband with internal antenna. 24 channels with internal GPS antenna. Rechargable battery with 96 hours autonomy.
Operation temperature between 0 and 60 grades C. Meassures 7.6cmx4cmx4cm (approximately).
It is the perfect model for valuable goods tracking: it consists on an Track Autonomus that is placed inside a coverer box that is adehered to an hermetic box stickable to the container's box through powerful magnets.
It is capable to extend its capability up to 11 days!!!

GPS Device for container, with GSM module: quadband with internal antenna 24 channels. Rechargable battery with 96 hours autonomy. Operation temperature between 0 and 60 grades C. Meassures 7.6cmx4cmx4cm (approximately)
GPS Device, SMS/GPRS. Containers monitoring. Sent of intrusion events, opening and sabotage just in case it does exist.
Rechargable battery with up to 88 hours of autonomy. With a consume of 40 mA.
  • Internal rechargeable battery, 11 DAYS autonomy.
  • Container rupture sensor: "INTRUSION" event, detects the breachage or breakage of the container from another place that wouldn't be its door.
  • Syste sensor installed: Envío con CADA reporte si el equipo está instalado o no.
  • Sabotage sensor: Sabotage event, tamper system that can trigger as SOS if is forcefully opened.
  • Opening Door Event.
  • Report time configuration regarding its time and speed.
  • GPRS / GSM automatic reports.
  • Events in SMS to a programmable cellphone, and the posibility to check the vehicle position through SMS and get a reply with a link to display the vehicle over google map.
  • 100% hidden.

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We have 10 years of experience in GPS and AVL and 38 years in electronics, expertise in hardware and software integration of technologies such as GPS, GIS, AVL, cellular and wireless standards such as AMPS, GSM, GPRS, TDMA, achieving a high standard in quality and reliability. The XP60 is currentlythe most competitive unit in the world for vehicle tracking, car tracking and dispatch, among other applications such as remote billing, telemetry, etc.

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