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HunterPro is GPSHunter

HunterPro is GPSHunter

HunterPro is your technological partner. We're one step ahead in hardware development
and integration, being exclusively a
GPS research and development company and
manufacturers of covert vehicle tracking and car tracking systems, GSM/GPRS, SMS
or AMPS based, for AVL, fleet tracking and truck tracking. Low-cost GPS tracking
system, vehicle tracking and car tracking systems with an easy protocol for AVL GPS
tracking and user friendly software. Products based in GSM GPRS and GPS for
accurate and fastest location, minimum cost, wide coverage and the best covert
performance, ideal for fleet tracking or recovery. View intro.
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HunterPro is GPSHunter

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HunterPro GPS

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HunterPro R/D News

  • Dec 2009 - We lunch into the market the HP-TRACKER GPS GSM/GSM/GPRS model for personnal use, with quadband embedded modem, rechargeable battery included. It includes two S.O.S notifications buttons or Panic to serveral pre-configured numbers. The HP-TRACKER features and functionalities makes it better and less expensive equipment designed for people location.

  • Sep 2009 - We lunch into the market the HP-LOW GPS GSM/GSM/GPRS model with quadband embedded modem, advanced technology that allow the events control and reception from a cellphone and with the lowest cost in the world. The HP-LOW features and functionalities makes it the best and less expensive equipment designed for vehicle recovery.

  • Aug 2009 - In continuos develpments new optionals functionalities has been added to the CP60G GPS/GSM/GPRS model. Within the new functionalities you have the option to connect the Card Reader accessory for drivers control.
    Besides the VOX FULL accessory can be added to the CP60G model, for remote hearing as well as to be able to speak with the vehicles occupants.

  • May 2008 - New features have been added to the Fleet Management web-based HP Professional software. This has been possible because of the constant efforts of our in-house engineers. Advanced software development and customization is available to the end-user. Some features include: multi-user base station (PHP/MySQL based), fleet management, Google Earth support, SMS/email events alert, full geofence support, etc.

  • August 2007 - We have launched the CP60G GSM/SMS with quadband embedded to the market, advanced technology that allow the events control and reception from a cell-phone and for the lowest cost in the world. The CP60G features and functionalities make itself the best and the less expensive system thought for vehicle recovery.

  • March, 2006 - We released one of the world's lowest-cost and more tough AVL unit: the XP60 GPS GSM/SMS/GPRS featuring a tri-band embedded GSM modem and GSM antenna (900/1800/1900 frequencies). It is a WORLD model with full GPRS/SMS functionality, ideal for Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), Emergency Dispatch, Fleet Tracking, GPS Tracking, or basic anti-theft application by using state-of-the-art GPS technologies, with the highest sensitivity possible thanks to the use of latest SiRF chipset which is the best GPS technology available.

  • June, 2004 - We're studying alternate GSM boards to integrate into the XP60 GSM product line. Lower cost GPRS/SMS and also SMS only products will emerge in 3rd quarter from this R&D effort that will provide a cutting edge in quality with all the features that a professional AVL turnkey solution requires. This measure has been taken to lower the costs of our AVL products and at the same time to offer increased functionality and at the same time reduce leadtime while using more widely available high quality and components like OEM GSM boards. We're noting that other manufacturers are offering low-cost AVL devices which have unexpected bugs, lockups, and several stability problems due to the total lack of quality of their components. This may be due to the increasing demand for low-cost AVL solutions in some countries.

  • January, 2004 - Several studies have been done to add support for JPEG Camera inside the vehicle to take pictures which can be downloaded and later viewed remotely from the PC using CDPD or GPRS. All of this will be done wireless and easy within the XP-GPS software. This functionality will be available on demand (minimum purchase of 200 pcs), and not on the basic XP60 product line.

  • November, 2003 - Added orthogonal GeoFence support to the HP60 product line. This brings again new functionality with reduced price. Added support for NMEA GPS Boards thus increasing potential hardware providers for our solution.

  • October, 2003 - Support for GPRS with TCP/IP Stack has been added. Continue improvements has been made to arrive to a solution for the dynamic IP assignation which is present in some countries. The workaround to this problem present a transparent and easy to use automatically refreshing IP's GPRS solution.

  • September, 2002 - A new command has been added which allows to program the Sim Card PIN number (for GSM). The command is in ASCII format and will allow the user to configure the unit in that cases where a PIN number is required for operating with certain cellular service providers.

    -Real-time input/output state is now reflected in the LCD display. This makes installation and diagnostic of the vehicle unit easier and with a real-time, accurate feedback.

  • August, 2002 - An LCD Display has been added into our new GPS product with the following features: real-time status, GPS coordinates, communication status, velocity, heading, remote messaging, satellite strength and SVID number, and other information of interest for the developers and the final customers. The strength of each satellite is graphically displayed with a bar - this eliminates the need of a PC or laptop in the vehicle for installing and testing the GPS antenna.

    -An automated dispatch system demo has been released with each copy of CoyoteSP 6.0. The software generates a list of the 10 closer and available mobiles within a specified address, and it will send a message to the closest one specifying the address. That unit can confirm with the press of a button.

  • July, 2002 - HunterPro has developed an Automatic Dispatch System which assures the fastest response time for taxis and other vehicles. Hunter Pro Coyote SP 6.22 engine has a built-in automatic dispatch module. This system consists of: a backlit LCD display in the vehicle capable of messaging with confirmation, cancel and emergency buttons, a high-sensitivity GPS receiver integrated with a CPU firmware which is able to process SMS messages (which can be used with TDMA or GSM), and finally the Coyote SP software for Windows which is able to find the closest and available vehicle to the address entered.
    This system can be connected to several caller-id's, so the process of dispatch can be done automatically without need for an user input. The closest and available vehicle will receive a message in its LCD display. If the confirmation button is not pressed within several seconds the software will retry  automatically with the next available vehicle closer to the desired point. Please send us an email for more information about the system, which can be installed almost anywhere in the world.

  • April, 2002 - Our R&D team has developed new commands which adds NEW functionality to our existing product line, plus compatibility with an easy-to-use, TAIP compatible protocol (ASCII based):

    a) Our GeoFence is revolutionary because it allows the user to draw polygons of up to 128 points, with a very high precision, which allows you to draw a whole country, a city, or draw the route and parts of cities, etc, with 128 geographic distributed coordinates. (the polygon must be created in the same way than you draw in e.g. Corel Draw: each vertex is plotted in an ordered fashion (e.g. clockwise) until you close the polygon). When the mobile unit comes our of the route (or polygon) an alarm will be triggered to the base station informing the state of the unit, position, and other information. It is very easy and allows great flexibility to program a polygon as an alarm zone, which adds functionality over other existing products which are able
    to offer only rectangular and/or circular zones.

    b) About Logging, our vehicle unit can store up to 10000 (ten thousand) points, including state of the alarm zones, number of satellites, height, speed, position, etc, and occupying only 16 bytes each point. Without taking into account that you can save a lot of space memory if you store points only when the vehicle unit is moving. Programming the Logging option is similar to using the command "Distance, Position and Velocity" because you can program the minimum lapse of time, maximum and distance, to have a complete control over the storage options: it is very easy to program the Logging option which offers an advantage over other existing products. And the Logging download times are reduced because of the reduced size of the message having more storage capacity.

      -Compact Position, Methods: Query, Distance, Report.

      -Position Velocity,
    Methods: Query, Distance, Report.

      -Long Navigation,
    Methods: Query, Distance, Report.

    Methods: Query, Set, Report.

      -Text Message,
    Methods: Query, Set, Report.

    We are adding other commands to comply with a standard level of specification: Please refer to for information on GPS Link - the software that will be fully supported by HunterPro GPS Vehicle Units.

      -GF (GeoFence, Method: Set).
    How to program a Geographic delimited alarm (latitude/longitude polygon):
      (1) ">SGFR<" (GF-RESET) erases any previous programming of the GeoFence.
      (2) ">SGFA+AABBBBB+CCCDDDDD<" (GF-ADD) where "+AA.BBBBB" is latitude and "+CCCDDDDD" is the longitude of the vertex to be added into the polygon.
      Each new vertex will be joined with a line with the previous vertex added. It is
      important to observe and order when drawing each vertex. To close the polygon
      you must issue the GF-END command.
      (3) ">SGFE<" (GF-END) close the polygon by drawing a line starting at the first
      point and ending at the last point.
      (4) ">SGFO<" (GF-ON) geofence alarm reporting activated.
      (5) ">SGFF<" (GF-OFF) geofence alarm reporting deactivated.

      -LG (Logging option, Methods: Query, Distance, Report).
      (1) ">SLGS<" (LG-START) is used to position the pointer to the start of the Logging
      memory zone. This has to be done before reading the Logging.
      (2) ">SLGPAAA<" (LG-PACKET) where 'AAA' can only have three digits and controls
      how much points will be sent from the unit as a response from an LG-READ command.
      Each point is 16 bytes length, so issuing ">SLGP010<" will mean that a 160 bytes logging message (plus header and termination) will be originated by issuing another LG-READ command.
      (3) ">QLG<" (LG-READ) will read a Logging packet. So the unit will send an ">RLGxxx...<" message where 'xxx...' is binary with variable length. This length will depend on how much points have been indicated using the LG-PACKET command. The end of the Logging will be indicated by the message ">RLGEND<".
      (4) ">SLGR<" (LG-RESET) is used to erase the stored information. This command is useful after completely downloading the Logging memory.
      -PA/PB (Phone/SMS Number A/B, Methods: Query, Set, Report)
      Format: ">qPnxxx...<" ('n' is 'A' or 'B', first or second phone number, 'xxx...'
      is numeric and variable length of 0-15 digits).
      Example: ">SPA094123456<" Action: Program A Phone Number: '094123456'.
      Example: ">QPB<"    Action: ">RPB6193873<" (read B Phone Number).
      -To erase B Phone Number the following command must be issued:
      ">SPB<" so the B Phone Number will be erased.

      -IO (Input/Output Subsystem, Methods: Query, Set, Report)
      With the Set method this command can modify the state of a discrete output
      if indicated ("1" o "0") or ignore it ("x"), and it can also read the inputs using the
      Query method.
      Format: ">qIOABCXYZ<" ("ABC" are discrete outputs, "XYZ" are inputs).
      Example: ">SIO1x1<" Actions: Turns ON(1) discrete outputs "A" and "C" (Block
      Engine). Discrete output "B" remains unchanged.
      Example: ">QIO<"    Action: ">RIO101111<" (read inputs).

  • December, 2001 - Geofence will be soon supported and the user will be able to configure routes, zones, etc, remotely from the base station by clicking directly on the map and drawing a polygon. In case the mobile unit gets out of the geofence zone (polygon), or sabotage occurs, the unit will report that to the base station informing about the situation. In addition, reporting periodically at an interval of time and / or at a distance is supported as it has become a standard in AVL systems. The protocol for all operations, including remote configuration, will be ASCII Interface Protocol, so AVL companies which already have Base Station software, maps, and other software already working can purchase our mobile units and integrate them with no delay or difficulties. 

  • August, 2001 - HunterPro is working on a new GSM board integration effort for its Mobile Locations Services in Asia targeting in mass volume sales. An important group of investor has proposed HunterPro to make a joint-venture to deploy its MLS technology solutions in Asia market and establish a factory for deploying large quantities with a surprisingly very low cost. We understand what the present situation of the global market demands - therefore our efforts focus on lowering pricing while optimizing performance.

  • June, 2001 - The R&D team has reported the CDPD integration complete and the first application has been lunched successfully. The team announced that the emerging of this new product (which is online all the time) is enabling new applications such as remote billing, remote measures, remote live video. A compression algorithm was made in order to reduce the amount of data.

  • May, 2001 - HunterPro has been reportedly developing a CDPD version which will enable more applications to emerge (e.g. billing, wireless data access). We have seen the importance of data packets over TCP/IP and UDP and the security they can offer.

  • March, 2001 - HunterPro-GPS has been exposed in Las Vegas and is currently being offered in the Americas. If your company would like to become our sales representative for your country / state please send us an email.

  • February, 2001 - A special CDPD integration has been done with Lake Jackson Police Department successfully.

  • November, 2000 - A radio version of HunterPro-GPS is ready to business. It is capable of both point to point and fleet operation. All vehicles are seen at the same time on the screen.



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