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Imag1 HunterPro is your technological partner. We're one step ahead in hardware development and integration, being exclusively a GPS research and development company and manufacturers of covert vehicle tracking and car tracking systems, GSM/GPRS, SMS or AMPS based, for AVL, fleet tracking and truck tracking. Low-cost GPS tracking system, vehicle tracking and car tracking systems with an easy protocol for AVL GPS tracking and user friendly software. Products based in GSM GPRS and GPS for accurate and fastest location, minimum cost, wide coverage and the best covert performance, ideal for fleet tracking or recovery. View intro.
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Complete Automatic Vehicle Location system: CP60G GPS GSM/GPRS/SMS

HunterPro Worldwide

  • For USA customers

  • In other countries there are several mapping solutions available, both raster and vector maps. We recommend MapInfo maps 100 % as MapInfo has an excellent performance in managing all kinds of vector maps.

  • HunterPro offers a wide-range of possibilities in hardware and software, so you can build your entire security system with our tech-help and support. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your security needs: final solutions in hardware and software are available at an unbeatable price.

Product Description

  • HunterPro GPS Base Station
    -Cellular Transceiver plus Intelligent Engine
    Package Include:
    -One Modem Interface and HP-PROFESSIONAL Software for Windows.
    -Base Station for Automatic Vehicle Location

  • HunterPro GPS Vehicle Unit
    -Cellular Transceiver plus Intelligent Engine
    Package Include:
    -One Cellular Transceiver, one Networking Interface, one GPS Receiver, and one Antenna
    -Vehicle Unit for HunterPro GPS Base Station

  • You may add as much Vehicle Units as you need for each HunterPro GPS Base Station. You can also add additional sensors on the I/O pins, which can be remotely configurable and adapted easily to your needs.

HP-GPS General Features

  • FASTEST positioning (5 seconds) at any distance of the vehicle. International coverage available with roaming.

  • Great performance and sensitivity in urban canyons or dense foliage environments.

  • A complete Car Tracking Solution based on the new  HP-PROFESSIONAL AVL Software for Windows.

  • Fastest 12-channel GPS satellite acquisition and reacquisition times.

  • Features Block Engine capability and Remote Panic Detection.

  • Capable of positioning in extreme conditions.

  • Boosts your security on the road with exclusive 2D/3D Real-time Tracking.

  • Optional add-on: provides VOX Mode for Remote Hearing and / or Remote Conversation.

  • High sensitivity small GPS Antenna, small GPS board with SiRF chipset inside delivers powerful reception even in worst conditions.

  • State-of-the-art GPS technology embedded with the most reliable cellular communications standard ever made, all integrated within HP-MLS module.

  • 12-parallel channel GPS receiver capable of tracking under urban canyons or dense foliage environments.

  • HP-PROFESSIONAL Automatic Vehicle Location Software for Windows.

  • Base Station Data Modem Interface.

  • Supports a virtually unlimited number of Vehicle Units.

  • Complete Vehicle Unit with 12-Channel High-Sensitivity GPS Board, Microprocessor Engine and Cellular Transceiver integrated providing a compact solution suitable for installation in any place.

  • High-sensitivity GPS Antenna.

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  • The system can be adapted to the customer needs, and is a turnkey solution. No service fee to pay, no extra components need to be added to operate normally.
  • Accessories: VOX MODE for hearing or full duplex VOX MODE conversation command. There is also a special mode in which the user can call the vehicle without using the base station and open a hands free audio link between the driver and the user.
  • Battery backup is supported. When connected the mobile unit will detect when the main power source is lost and will report that immediately to the call center.
  • Reports are configurable automatically from the base station, 100 % compatible with standard ASCII Interface Protocol.
  • Can be programmed remotely to store the events and triggers of alarm zones. Once the energy is restored it will reproduce the exact situation of the system before loosing power source.
  • Capable of storing the state of the engine, so in case of incidental battery disconnection, when connecting it again the engine will remain blocked. thus preventing the robbery.
  • Capable of storing the state of arming and partial zone arming (XYZ).
  • Can calculate distance traveled from the base station.
  • Can calculate acceleration from the base station.
  • Storage of information 'HP-Logging':  date, time, height, latitude, longitude, state of the outputs, state of the inputs, commands from base station, GPS precision, number of satellite tracked, GPS status (2D/3D, No-Fix), events, triggers, speed, heading and distance traveled.
  • Storage of points including all mentioned above with a remotely programmable period of time (16 sec, or 1-15 minutes).
  • Capacity of memory compression thus saving 'HP-Logging' memory. If the mobile unit is idle and no events are detected the system will not store redundant information.
  • Base station is capable of making a detail log of its operation, and a special networking log is available for supervisors.
  • 'HP-Logging' is 100 % compatible with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access by using the CSV format (comma delimited format).
  • Mobile unit are protect with a unique 24-bit code.
  • Send the least bytes per message as possible thus saving costs per operation (short message).
  • Is able to interact with the vehicle unit even if the GPS board is damaged, is removed or has no satellite data at all.
  • Capable of defaulting the output and the arming to a configurable value. Is able to  call  the base station in each power up if programmed to do so.
  • Information is protected and ciphered so the information is not exposed.
  • All settings can be configured remotely from the base station.
  • We recommend to use MapInfo TAB maps or 100 % compatible with our AVL Software.
  • We're looking for resellers / distributors for this product worldwide. Please contact us if you're interested.

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We have 10 years of experience in GPS and AVL and 38 years in electronics, expertise in hardware and software integration of technologies such as GPS, GIS, AVL, cellular and wireless standards such as AMPS, GSM, GPRS, TDMA, achieving a high standard in quality and reliability. The XP60 is currentlythe most competitive unit in the world for vehicle tracking, car tracking and dispatch, among other applications such as remote billing, telemetry, etc.

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