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Imag1 HunterPro is your technological partner. We're one step ahead in hardware development and integration, being exclusively a GPS research and development company and manufacturers of covert vehicle tracking and car tracking systems, GSM/GPRS, SMS or AMPS based, for AVL, fleet tracking and truck tracking. Low-cost GPS tracking system, vehicle tracking and car tracking systems with an easy protocol for AVL GPS tracking and user friendly software. Products based in GSM GPRS and GPS for accurate and fastest location, minimum cost, wide coverage and the best covert performance, ideal for fleet tracking or recovery. View intro.
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Get your own STARTER KIT: a complete GPS/GSM/GPRS solution out-of-the-box!

  • As seen in Amazon! All-in-one: HP-PROFESSIONAL software, the XP60 GPS GSM GPRS hardware, all complete with GSM antennas, GPS antenna, power supply, I/O and power connector, and a very handy LCplay - which is ideal for diagnosing the communication and detecting the best GPS antenna placement. No hidden costs, no monthly fee, shipped by FedEx!
  • HunterPro's Web Kit is the best solution for you to test our products.
    Our company has developed a very complete AVL solution that allow you to do much more things that only track a vehicle. You are for example able to: check the vehicle engine status, check the car's cabin -camera- , check the vehicle current and maximum speed -also if it has exceeded the established speed limit-, if it is closer to a point of interest(POIs), if it has reached an established area(Geofencing), check if the car has bumped into something or has.

  • Moreover in sake of the clients our Web Server software allow them to check from it the Base Station's functionalities they might find useful(position, vehicle history, tracing route, geofencing, poi, events, etc). 

  • HunterPro's Web Kit is ready to track 5000 units and it compraises of the following:

    The WEB KIT includes: GPS equipment choice model and basic accessories included for free, 2 AVL Software license (Web Server and Base Station for tracking unlimited number of vehicles) and 1 Base Modem. This will enable you to test the system and see how it works before purchasing a higher quantity. The value of the KIT comprises of:

    • Two full software licenses(Web Server and Base Station), free to track up to 5000 units at the same time.
    • Full vehicle unit - can be installed covert.
    • Direct tech support available by MSN, Skype, Email or Phone.
    • Base station modem for PC with antenna, cable and power converter.
    • Help for integrating your own maps or creating your own software.

    We pay the shipping. Shipping by Fedex-or DHL- worldwide.

    • 1 HP-GPS Professional SOFTWARE.

    • GPS equipment choice model and basic accessories included for free.

  • Simcard Possibilities:
    • SMS Mode: it must allow to send and recieve text messages in sms mode.
    • GPRS Mode: It must allow to send and recieve communication packages via UDP, it has to be allowed the access to websites as for example: as also have available the communication from SIM to SIM, it means that you can establish bidirectional communication between the simcards.
    • We recommend, in order to have a use that allow you to work in correct way regarding vehicles fleet monitoring, 5 Mega Bytes per vehicle.

      This 5MB will allow you, per month, per sim, to recieve a location information every 5 minutes.

      In case of Fleet monitoring we recommend to hire a VPN (Virtual Private Net) with your local Cellphone provider company.
      The quantity of Mega Bytes is per equipment and per montly use.
      It is independent from the connecting time.

      Specifications of consumption of Bytes:
      By each location of unit -92 bytes.
      By each cut of ignition - 60 bytes.
      Event X,y,Z - 99 bytes.

      For vehicle recovery we recommend communication via SMS.

      Check on this link the GSM coverage from your location:

  • Vectorial Mapping:

    The HP-GPS system does not includes maps as only a map provider can supply them, update, etc.
    The map format should be Shape .SHP vectorized and calibrated for its use with GPS in WGS84.

  • Hardware Requirements:

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz
    Memory: 2GB DDR2 Ram or higher.
    Hard Disk: 80GB
    Ports: 1 USB Port available.
    Videocard: GeForce 8400 to 256 Mb
    Monitor: 17" colour display.
    O/S: Windows XP.
    O/S Screen: 1024 x 768 pixels.
    Internet Connection

  • HP Web

  • With the HP-WEB 1.0 Professional software, you can have the access to a business system. You will have your own WebServer in order to give to your clients an excellent service, on which it can be acceded with Username and a Password.

  • HunterPro provide an integrals and self-sufficient Hardware and Software, specialized in Vehicle location services. Your company own now the complete system, optimizing in such matter, each corporative client, or final client monthly cost, and with the possibility of providing security and fleet monitoring services. With this, you will give to your customers a differentiated service and with a minor investment than other options in the current market. Having the confident to work with a company with more than 10 years on the international GPS market, which exports to over than 90 countries around the world. This customers feedback allow us to make you sure that we provide a system which is thought for the current and competitive AVL market necessities.

Evaluate the CP60 GPS/GSM-GPRS hardware for a special price!

  • We have customers in more than 90 countries working and providing services with the system right now. Please contact International Sales for distributorship for your country:
HunterPro in the World
  • GPS Device, with SMS/GPRS communication. Fleet Monitoring, Vehicle Recovery. Back up battery external connection. Relay connection (engine block). Double interface relay connection (doors block and unblock). Connection to activate a siren for 30 seconds. Panic button digital input. Siren digital input.
    Vox Full connection (microphone and speaker). Report Time configuration according time. Events in SMS to a programmable cellphone+


    Nowadays security has become more complex but HunterPro anticipates it with new products. New oportunities appear at segments where was tought to be exahusted, you might not only sell a GPS unit as a fleet's vehicle. With HunterPro's proporsal you will be able to sell more than one as well as generating more units dependables of your monitoring central!!!.

    In some countries thiefs employ new techniques; neutralizing the drivers preventing for them to be able to activate panic buttons, nor alerting the central, in these situations despite the GPS device will help you to recover the truck will help you to be recovered lately, there appears an issue with the goods protection: thiefs easily take the goods from the truck and put them in their own vehicle leaving the place immediately. So when police arrive to the truck position there is no goods nor clues for you them to track.

    With HunterPro's new products modality you will be able to follow packages, allowing you to find the thiefs and recover all the goods, so how valuable do you think is it for your costumer that manages transport fleets?

    In this oportunity we are offering you the brand new models for containers' and goods' tracking, With HunterPro SA new technologies based on GPS/GSM(sms-gprs) operational modes well known from HunterPro's previous models and mantaining the characteristical robustness of our products.

  • HunterPro GPS vehicle tracking Software and Hardware Solutions ready to market! HunterPro is selling the technology for producing a complete GPS solution. This is a real business opportunity: no more time spent on R&D. HunterPro focus on vehicle tracking system hardware, integrate cellular/radio boards (e.g. GPS with GSM with SMS), while you can focus on business without any other risk. Click here for more details about the GPS AVL vehicle tracking technology offer.

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We have 10 years of experience in GPS and AVL and 38 years in electronics, expertise in hardware and software integration of technologies such as GPS, GIS, AVL, cellular and wireless standards such as AMPS, GSM, GPRS, TDMA, achieving a high standard in quality and reliability. The XP60 is currentlythe most competitive unit in the world for vehicle tracking, car tracking and dispatch, among other applications such as remote billing, telemetry, etc.

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